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Atreverse Conjugation in Spanish, Translation, and Examples

The Spanish verb atreverse is a reflexive verb that means to dare. Although most reflexive verbs can also be used non-reflexively, atreverse is an exception and should always be used in its reflexive form. This article includes atreverse conjugations in the most common verb forms and tenses: the present, past, conditional, and future indicative; the present and past subjunctive; the imperative, and other verb forms like the gerund and past participle. Atreverse Present Indicative Atreverse is a regular -er verb, so its conjugations in the present indicative are regular; just be sure to include the appropriate reflexive pronouns before each conjugated verb. Yo me atrevo I dare Yo me atrevo a hacer preguntas en clase. Tà º te atreves You dare Tà º te atreves a probar cosas nuevas. Usted/à ©l/ella se atreve You/he/she dares Ella se atreve a quejarse con el jefe. Nosotros nos atrevemos We dare Nosotros nos atrevemos a escalar la montaà ±a. Vosotros os atrevà ©is You dare Vosotros os atrevà ©is a salir en el frà ­o. Ustedes/ellos/ellas se atreven You/they dare Ellos se atreven a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Preterite Indicative Notice that in the preterite tense the yo and à ©l/ella/usted conjugations carry an accent mark on the last vowel. Yo me atrevà ­ I dared Yo me atrevà ­ a hacer preguntas en clase. Tà º te atreviste You dared Tà º te atreviste a probar cosas nuevas. Usted/à ©l/ella se atrevià ³ You/he/she dared Ella se atrevià ³ a quejarse con el jefe. Nosotros nos atrevimos We dared Nosotros nos atrevimos a escalar la montaà ±a. Vosotros os atrevisteis You dared Vosotros os atrevisteis a salir en el frà ­o. Ustedes/ellos/ellas se atrevieron You/they dared Ellos se atrevieron a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Imperfect Indicative The imperfect tense can be translated as was daring or used to dare. It is used to talk about habitual or ongoing actions in the past. Note that all of the imperfect conjugations carry an accent mark. Yo me atrevà ­a I used to dare Yo me atrevà ­a a hacer preguntas en clase. Tà º te atrevà ­as You used to dare Tà º te atrevà ­as a probar cosas nuevas. Usted/à ©l/ella se atrevà ­a You/he/she used to dare Ella se atrevà ­a a quejarse con el jefe. Nosotros nos atrevà ­amos We used to dare Nosotros nos atrevà ­amos a escalar la montaà ±a. Vosotros os atrevà ­ais You used to dare Vosotros os atrevà ­ais a salir en el frà ­o. Ustedes/ellos/ellas se atrevà ­an You/they used to dare Ellos se atrevà ­an a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Future Indicative Yo me atreverà © I will dare Yo me atreverà © a hacer preguntas en clase. Tà º te atreverà ¡s You will dare Tà º te atreverà ¡sa probar cosas nuevas. Usted/à ©l/ella se atreverà ¡ You/he/she will dare Ella se atreverà ¡a quejarse con el jefe. Nosotros nos atreveremos We will dare Nosotros nos atreveremosa escalar la montaà ±a. Vosotros os atreverà ©is You will dare Vosotros os atreverà ©is a salir en el frà ­o. Ustedes/ellos/ellas se atreverà ¡n You/they will dare Ellos se atreverà ¡na tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Periphrastic  Future Indicative   When conjugating the periphrastic future, remember to place the reflexive pronoun before the conjugated verb ir. Yo me voy a atrever I am going to dare Yo me voya atrever a hacer preguntas en clase. Tà º te vasa atrever You aregoing todare Tà º te vasa atrever a probar cosas nuevas. Usted/à ©l/ella se vaa atrever You/he/she isgoing to dare Ella se vaa atrever a quejarse con el jefe. Nosotros nos vamosa atrever Wearegoing todare Nosotros nos vamosa atrever a escalar la montaà ±a. Vosotros os vaisa atrever You aregoing to dare Vosotros os vaisa atrever a salir en el frà ­o. Ustedes/ellos/ellas se vana atrever You/they aregoing to dare Ellos se vana atrever a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Present Progressive/Gerund Form One of the main uses of the gerund or present participle is to form progressive tenses such as the present progressive, which is usually formed with the auxiliary verb estar. When conjugating reflexive verbs in progressive tenses, the reflexive pronoun can be placed before the conjugated verb estar, or attached to the end of the present participle. Present Progressive ofAtreverse se està ¡ atreviendo / està ¡ atrevià ©ndose Is daring Ella se està ¡ atreviendo a quejarse con el jefe. Atreverse Past Participle One of the main uses of the past participle is to form perfect tenses, such as the present perfect, which uses the auxiliary verb haber. In the perfect tenses, the reflexive pronoun is always placed before the conjugated verb haber. Present Perfect of Atreverse se ha atrevido Has dared Ella se ha atrevido a quejarse con el jefe. Atreverse Conditional Indicative The conditional tense is used to talk about possibilities. It is translated to English as would dare. Yo me atreverà ­a I would dare Yo me atreverà ­a a hacer preguntas en clase si fuera mà ¡s valiente. Tà º te atreverà ­as You would dare Tà º te atreverà ­asa probar cosas nuevas si fueras aventurero. Usted/à ©l/ella se atreverà ­a You/he/she would dare Ella se atreverà ­aa quejarse con el jefe, pero à ©l no la quiere escuchar. Nosotros nos atreverà ­amos We would dare Nosotros nos atreverà ­amosa escalar la montaà ±a si tuvià ©ramos mejor condicià ³n fà ­sica. Vosotros os atreverà ­ais You would dare Vosotros os atreverà ­ais a salir en el frà ­o si tuvierais un buen abrigo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas se atreverà ­an You/they would dare Ellos se atreverà ­ana tirarse con paracaà ­das si fueran mà ¡s jà ³venes. Atreverse Present Subjunctive Que yo me atreva That I dare La profesora sugiere que yo meatrevaa hacer preguntas en clase. Que tà º te atrevas That you dare Tu madre espera que tà º teatrevas a probar cosas nuevas. Que usted/à ©l/ella seatreva That you/he/she dare Su colega quiere que ella seatreva a quejarse con el jefe. Que nosotros nos atrevamos That we dare El alpinista espera que nosotros nos atrevamos a escalar la montaà ±a. Que vosotros os atrevà ¡is That you dare El entrenador quiere que vosotros os atrevà ¡isa salir en el frà ­o. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas seatrevan That you/they dare Pablo espera que ellos seatrevan a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Imperfect Subjunctive There are two different endings to form the conjugation of the imperfect subjunctive: Option 1 Que yo me atreviera That I dared La profesora sugerà ­a que yo me atreviera a hacer preguntas en clase. Que tà º te atrevieras That you dared Tu madre esperaba que tà º teatrevieras a probar cosas nuevas. Que usted/à ©l/ella seatreviera That you/he/she dared Su colega querà ­a que ella seatreviera a quejarse con el jefe. Que nosotros nos atrevià ©ramos That we dared El alpinista esperaba que nosotros nos atrevià ©ramosa escalar la montaà ±a. Que vosotros os atrevierais That you dared El entrenador querà ­a que vosotros os atrevieraisa salir en el frà ­o. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas seatrevieran That you/they dared Pablo esperaba que ellos seatrevieran a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Option 2 Que yo me atreviese That I dared La profesora sugerà ­a que yo meatreviese a hacer preguntas en clase. Que tà º te atrevieses That you dared Tu madre esperaba que tà º teatrevieses a probar cosas nuevas. Que usted/à ©l/ella seatreviese That you/he/she dared Su colega querà ­a que ella seatreviese a quejarse con el jefe. Que nosotros nos atrevià ©semos That we dared El alpinista esperaba que nosotros nos atrevià ©semosa escalar la montaà ±a. Que vosotros os atrevieseis That you dared El entrenador querà ­a que vosotros os atrevieseisa salir en el frà ­o. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas seatreviesen That you/they dared Pablo esperaba que ellos seatreviesen a tirarse con paracaà ­das. Atreverse Imperative The imperative mood is for giving commands or orders. Notice that in positive commands, the reflexive pronoun is attached to the verb, whereas in negative commands the reflexive pronoun is placed before the verb. Positive Commands Tà º atrà ©vete Dare!  ¡Atrà ©vete a probar cosas nuevas! Usted atrà ©vase Dare!  ¡Atrà ©vase a quejarse con el jefe! Nosotros atrevà ¡monos Let's dare!  ¡Atrevà ¡monos a escalar la montaà ±a! Vosotros atreveos Dare!  ¡Atreveos a salir en el frà ­o! Ustedes atrà ©vanse Dare!  ¡Atrà ©vanse a tirarse con paracaà ­das! Negative Commands Tà º no te atrevas Don't dare!  ¡Note atrevas a probar cosas nuevas! Usted no se atreva Don't dare!  ¡No se atreva a quejarse con el jefe! Nosotros no nos atrevamos Let's not dare!  ¡Nonos atrevamos a escalar la montaà ±a! Vosotros no os atrevà ¡is Don't dare!  ¡Noos atrevà ¡is a salir en el frà ­o! Ustedes no se atrevan Don't dare!  ¡Nose atrevan a tirarse de paracaà ­das!

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Negative Effects Of Industrialization - 711 Words

Although Industrialization appears to be beneficial for humanity as far as technology and businesses are considered, nevertheless, I believe that Industrialization has increased poverty and made the world lazy. Therefore, I believe that Industrialization has done more harm than good for humanity. Around 3200 B.C.E., as the First Civilizations took shape, inequality and hierarchy soon came to be regarded as normal and natural (Strayer 71). Much like today, the upper classes enjoyed great wealth in land or salaries and had the finest of clothing and housing. Even though there were hierarchies of class in the First Civilizations there appeared to be no drastic shortage of jobs or an abundance of people living in poverty within the†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, because of the overpopulation in these towns, jobs were never guaranteed to the people, nor were they beneficial to their wealth. On account of the overpopulation in these locations, the unending excess of workers bas ically had to beg for a job, no matter what or how dangerous the task might be, just to try to make ends meet. Due to their desperation, industries decided to keep their wages excessively low, even though they could afford it. Much like industries today, the mentality of the owner is, â€Å"more money for you, is less for me, so why should I pay you more?†. That being said, I believe that the world we live in is based upon Industrialization, whether I like it or not. Mahatma Gandhi once said, â€Å"Industrialization is, I am afraid, going to be a curse for mankind†¦ Industrialization on a mass scale will necessarily lead to passive or active exploitation of the villagers†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Strayer 827). Despite how beneficial and altogether wonderful Industrialization has made the world today, nonetheless I would have to agree with Gandhi. I believe that Industrialization has made the world lazy. Too many times out of a day we, myself included, rely on technology or machines to make our everyday tasks easier. Before Industrialization people had jobs and civilizations had hierarchies of class implemented, without poverty playing a major role in their lifestyles. Furthermore, IShow MoreRelatedNegative Effects Of Industrialization701 Words   |  3 Pagesfacing today.   The broad term, industrialization, refers to the development of goods produced by machinery and the discovery of new energy resources.   Industrialization had many positive an d negative effects on the citizens of the world during these two centuries.   The events under industrialization could be said to have fallen victim to the â€Å"snowball effect† and been a cause of the situation that our world is facing today.   Ã‚  Ã‚   Some of the positive effects of Industrialization seen near the end of theRead MoreNegative Effects Of Industrialization1203 Words   |  5 PagesIndustrialization was a time period where the United States experienced prosperity and many advancements in technology. Nevertheless, while many beneficial events came from this time period, there were also numerous negative outcomes. This can be seen three decades after The Civil War, where the idea that anyone could rise upwards in society with the use of hard work, thriftiness, and a bit of luck, became widespread among American citizens. However, this idea was only proven correct in individualRead MoreNegative Effects Of Industrialization On Factory Workers2171 Words   |  9 PagesNegative Effects of Industrialization on Factory Workers Over the past decade the industry of production has evolved from the simple process of the creation of goods to an elaborate method of fabrication and distribution. Many changes in how things can be made have revolutionized the way the manufacturing industry meets it goals.This transition into an efficient system of manufacturing benefited many such as the consumer but at the expense of the worker making these goods and products. Bruce RockowitzRead MoreIndustrialization After the Civil War694 Words   |  3 PagesIndustrialization after the Civil War influenced U.S society, economy, and politics in many ways. Industrialization after the Civil War made the way of living more convenient for people but it was a time were the government was corrupted. One major aspect of industrialization was the railroads and steel. According to how stuff works â€Å"railroads were used to transport food and goods, and they also shaped the growth of some cities and brought economic prosperity to some. Railroads were also usedRead MoreThe Stages of Industrialization1041 Words   |  4 PagesIndustrialization refers to a stage of social and economic transformation that alters a group or society from an agrarian one into an industrial society (Sullivan Sheffrin, 2003). Industrialization is associated with progress in the production of metallurgy and energy opening up the economy for manufacturing. It occurs as a broad process of modernizing in a society such that economic change and social change become strongly related to the technological innovations. It also brings with it a kindRead MoreIndustrial Revolution Essay example1295 Words   |  6 Pagesagriculture, manufacturing and technology had a profound effect on the socioeconomic and cultur al conditions of the world. The Industrial Revolution began in the United Kingdom as large deposits of coal and iron were found throughout the land which brought the rise of factories and machines, the idea then subsequently spread throughout the world. It was perhaps one of the greatest moments in human history, as it gave rise to industrialization and the switch from manpower to machine power. It completelyRead MoreThe Industrialization of the Northern United States Essays1504 Words   |  7 Pages once said that the industrialization of the United States north produced a â€Å"complete revolution† in Americans’ â€Å"life and manners.† The complete revolution that Bushnell speaks of was an era of industrialization triggered by a population growth, an increase in literacy rates, and the development of labor-saving technologies in the northern region of the United States. This dramatic economic and social transformation instigated a series of outcomes, both p ositive and negative, for the United StatesRead MoreImpact of Industrialization on Environment1103 Words   |  5 PagesImpact of Industrialization on Environment OVERVIEW Centuries ago, when there was no active expanding of large cities and industries, nature was able to overcome pollution and keep air fairly clean without outside help. The wind and rain in the form of natural rescuers scattered gases and washed away the dust. However, with increasing industrialization and urbanization, the nature’s system cannot cope with pollution and clean the environment naturally. In comparison with volcanoes, hurricanes,Read MoreSecond Industrial Revolution1000 Words   |  4 Pagesdescription of two developments of industrialization that positively affected the United States and two developments that negatively affected the United States will be discussed. An analysis of whether or not industrialization was generally beneficial or detrimental to the lives of Americans and the history of the United States will be outlined. Second US Industrial Revolution, 1870 -1910 In this brief paper, a description of two developments of industrialization that positively affected AmericanRead MoreIndustrialization : The Transformation Period From An Agricultural Economy1157 Words   |  5 PagesIndustrialization: the transformation period from an agricultural economy to a mass-producing one. This is an essential step towards avoiding poverty that is established in less-developed states by transitioning from an agrarian to an industrial society. Two broad aspects of industrializing are a change in labor activity, such as farming to manufacturing, and how productive economic output occurs. Within this process, new industries are allowed to develop and the quality of life is improved due to

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Succubus Revealed Chapter 18 Free Essays

string(32) " to those who sold their souls\." The blackness began to lighten into swirls of color, colors that eventually resolved into lines and shapes around me. I gazed around as the world formed and soon felt solidity beneath my feet. My own body was taking on substance again, the light and hollow sensation disappearing. We will write a custom essay sample on Succubus Revealed Chapter 18 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Feeling and movement returned to me, and for half a second, I thought I had imagined everything that happened in the parking lot. Then I was struck by a sudden and overwhelming sense of wrongness. First off, as I blinked the world into focus, it became obvious that I was no longer at the bowling alley. I was inside a room with vaulted ceilings and no windows. It appeared to be a courtroom, complete with a jury box and judge’s stand. All the decor was black: red-veined black marble on the walls and floor, black wood trim, black leather chairs. Everything was very sleek and modern, clean and sterile. The next thing I noticed was that I wasn’t in the body I’d just been in. My perspective on the world was from a greater height. The weight of my limbs and muscles felt different too, and I wore a simple linen dress instead of my Unholy Rollers shirt. Although I couldn’t see myself straight-on, I had a good idea which body I was wearing: the first one. My mortal one. The one I’d been born to. Yet it was neither the body nor unfamiliar room that felt so wrong. They were surprises, yes, but nothing I couldn’t adapt to. The wrongness came from nothing tangible. It was more a feeling in the air, a sensation that permeated my every pore. Even with the vaulted ceilings, the room felt stuffy and tight, like there was no air circulation whatsoever. And even though there wasn’t any actual odor, I just kept imagining stagnation and decay. My skin crawled. I felt smothered by hot, humid air – yet was also chilled to the bone. I was in Hell. I had never been there, but you didn’t really need to have been to know it. I was sitting at a table on the left side of the room, facing the judge’s bench. Behind me, separated by a railing, was the audience seating. I squirmed around to peer at it. Right before my eyes, people began to materialize in the seats. They were wildly different in appearance: male and female, all races, various states of dress. Some were as prim and neat as the courtroom around us. Some looked like it had been quite an ordeal for them to get out of bed. There was no uniformity to their appearances. There weren’t even immortal auras to tip me off, but I was willing to wager anything that they were all demons. A murmur of conversation began to fill the room as the demons spoke to each other, a droning almost more frightening than the silence that had originally met me. No one talked to me, though plenty of sets of eyes studied me disapprovingly. I didn’t recognize anyone here yet and felt vulnerable and afraid. There was an empty seat next to me, and I wondered if someone would be joining me. Was I entitled to a lawyer for this . . . whatever it was? It had all the trappings of a regular courtroom, but I could hardly expect Hell to be reasonable or predictable. I honestly had no clue what was about to happen. I knew it had to be about my contract, but Hugh hadn’t gone into a lot of specifics when he’d said that my case would eventually â€Å"be reviewed.† There was a table on the right side of the courtroom, one that mirrored mine in size and placement. A man with irongray hair and a handlebar mustache sat down at it, placing a briefcase on the table’s surface. He wore an all-black suit – including the shirt – and looked more like a funeral director than a prosecutor, which is what I assumed he was. As though sensing my scrutiny, he glanced over at me with eyes so dark, I couldn’t tell where pupil ended and iris began. They sent a new chill through me, and I changed my assessment of him. Funeral director? More like an executioner. Once the gallery was nearly full of spectators, a side door near the front opened. Twelve people filed out toward the jurors’ box, and I caught my breath. I still couldn’t sense any immortal auras in this room. Maybe it wasn’t necessary in Hell or maybe there were just too many immortals in here for it to be comfortable. Regardless, just as I’d been certain all the spectators were demons, I could tell that half of the jurors were angels. It was in their eyes and their disposition. There was a way they carried themselves that differed from everyone else, even though the angels were dressed no differently. Also, the angels seemed to be conscious of the wrongness I’d felt in here. They kept glancing around, small looks of disgust on their faces. At first, it seemed kind of crazy that angels would be in Hell, but then I realized that, unlike Heaven, there were no gates or barriers to keep anyone out. And unlike mortals, angels had the ability to leave h ere when they chose. I suppose it made it easy to do business visits like this. Still, I found myself heartened by the sight of the angels. If they were going to be involved in deciding my case, then surely they would be sympathetic. â€Å"Don’t count on any help from them.† It was the prosecuting demon with the dark eyes, leaning across his table and addressing me in a low voice. â€Å"I beg your pardon?† I asked. He inclined his head toward the jurors. â€Å"The angels. They’ve got a nagging sense of justice, but they also don’t have a lot of sympathy to those who sold their souls. You read "Succubus Revealed Chapter 18" in category "Essay examples" They figure you made your bed, you have to sleep in it. Pretentious bastards, the lot of them.† I turned back toward the jury and felt a sinking in my stomach. Some of the angels were watching me, and although there wasn’t open disdain on their faces, like the demons, I could still see condescension and scorn here and there. I saw no sympathy anywhere. With so much chatter in the now-crowded room, it was hard to imagine being able to single out any one voice – but I did. Maybe it was because it was one I’d grown so familiar with in the last ten years, one that I had fallen into the habit of jumping to whenever it spoke. Tearing my gaze from the jury, I peered around until I found the voice’s owner. Sure enough. Jerome had just entered the courtroom. Even in Hell, he still wore the John Cusack guise. Mei was with him, and it was the sound of their conversation that had caught my attention. They made their way to some seats near the front, on the opposite side of the room from me, that I presumed had been left open for them. A pang of relief shot through my chest. Finally, familiar faces. I opened my mouth to speak, to call out to Jerome . . . just as his eyes fell on me. He paused in his walk, fixing me with a look that pierced straight to my heart. Then, without any other sort of acknowledgment, he looked away and continued his conversation with Mei as they went to their seats. The words died on my lips. The coldness in his gaze left no question that all the laid-back ease at the bowling alley had been a scam. Jerome was not on my side. And, if my empty table was any indication, no one was on my side. A guy in a much more cheerful suit than the prosecutor walked to the front of the room and called the court to order. He announced the entrance of Judge Hannibal, which would have been a hilarious and absurd name in other circumstances. Everyone stood, and I followed suit. The show of respect kind of surprised me. The adherence to procedure did not. Judge Hannibal entered through a door opposite the jury’s. For a moment, I simply thought, He’s so young. Then, I remembered I was thinking like a human. No one in this room – except me – wore their actual form. All of them were beings of incalculable age, and the twenty-something, blond surfer appearance of Judge Hannibal was just window dressing. He flashed everyone a big grin, perfect white teeth standing out against his tanned skin. He riffled through some papers in front of him. â€Å"All right,† he said. â€Å"So, what . . . we have a contract dispute with a succubus? Letha?† He glanced around, like there was some big mystery about who I was. His gaze landed on me, and he nodded to himself. â€Å"Who’s prosecuting? You? Marcel?† â€Å"Yes, your honor,† said the dark-suited demon. Judge Hannibal chuckled. â€Å"This is even less fair than it already was.† He glanced back at me. â€Å"You got a lawyer, honey?† I swallowed. â€Å"Er, no. I don’t think so. Should I? Do . . . do I get assigned one?† He shrugged. â€Å"We could dredge some imp up if you don’t want to defend yourself. Or we can summon someone, if you’ve got anyone in mind.† At the mention of an imp, Hugh’s name immediately popped up in my head. I wouldn’t have even cared about the defense aspect. I just wanted to see a friendly face here. Was it that easy? I could just ask, and they’d bring Hugh here . . . to Hell? As soon as I had the thought, I dismissed it. Hugh had already risked so much for me. How could I ask him to stand against our superiors, to defend me against all those cold, glaring eyes? And what good could come of it? He’d probably get in more trouble if I actually won – which didn’t seem likely, judging from Hannibal’s earlier comments. I was on the verge of telling them I’d just defend myself when there was an explosion of light in the aisle beside me. I leaped to my feet in fear and wasn’t alone in doing so. A cyclone of silver and white light slowly coalesced into a familiar and very welcome form: Carter. Like everyone else, a day in court appeared to make no difference for how he dressed – save that he was wearing the cashmere hat I’d gotten him last Christmas. Glancing up at the judge, Carter took off the hat and held it before him in an attempt at respect. I wanted to throw myself sobbing into his arms. â€Å"What is this?† demanded Judge Hannibal. Those who had been startled slinked back to their seats. â€Å"Sorry,† said Carter amiably. â€Å"I would’ve come in the normal way but didn’t know how else to get her lawyer in.† Was Carter going to be my lawyer? Hope sprang anew within me until another burst of light erupted beside him . . . and Roman appeared. Chaos of a different sort broke out, and suddenly, I was a sideshow. Outrage shone on angel and demon faces alike. Half the room was on its feet. I hadn’t been able to sense any immortal auras, but I could feel the swell of power bursting from nearly every individual as they advanced on Roman. â€Å"Nephilim!† â€Å"Destroy him!† We were on the verge of a full-fledged mob attack when Hannibal banged his gavel on the desk. It made a sound like thunder, hitting hard. A palpable wave of power radiated out from him, nearly knocking a few people off their feet. The growing magic in the room dissipated. â€Å"Sit down,† he snapped. â€Å"This is hardly the time or place for everyone to start playing hero.† â€Å"There’s a nephilim in the room!† protested someone in the back. â€Å"Yes, yes. Thank you, Captain Obvious,† said Judge Hannibal. â€Å"And I daresay the hundred or so of us can take him if he gets out of line. That’s not in question. What is, however, is why he’s here and shouldn’t be immediately smote.† That was directed to Carter. â€Å"He’s her lawyer,† said Carter. Hannibal’s eyebrows rose in true surprise, with no sign of his earlier smugness. â€Å"A nephilim?† â€Å"There are no rules against it,† said Carter mildly. â€Å"Any immortal can serve, right?† Hannibal glanced uneasily at a woman seated at a corner desk who had been typing away steadily on a laptop. I’d taken her for the court reporter, but she was apparently some sort of consultant too. She made a face. â€Å"Technically, he can serve,† she said. â€Å"Our laws don’t specify.† â€Å"But they do specify that anyone the defendant chooses is exempt from punishment,† said Carter, as cagey as any lawyer. A cruel smile played at her lips. â€Å"Whoever is summoned to serve as lawyer is exempt from punishment during court and afterward when they return to their normal jobs. I’m guessing this . . . creature is not in our personnel files.† With Hell, the devil really was in the details. Hugh had always warned me to be careful with even the smallest wordings because Hell would use them to its advantage. It took me a moment to fully get why she was so pleased. Any immortal could serve as a lawyer in a case like this, it seemed. And, going on the first part of what she’d said, no one could do anything to Roman while he was my lawyer, despite the normal immortal reaction to promptly destroy all nephilim. There would be no mass smiting in the courtroom. It was the second part of her words that was tricky. Those drafted as lawyers allegedly couldn’t be punished for their legal performances when they returned to their regular duties, which would’ve been good to know when I was considering summoning Hugh (though I knew there were a million subtle ways a disgruntled demon could still get back at someone on the sly). But Roman didn’t have any regular duties for Hell, aside from an unofficial deal with Jerome that I had no doubt my archdemon would disavow all knowledge of. Roman couldn’t be protected when he â€Å"went back to work† because he didn’t work for Hell. The instant this trial ended and he was out of the role of lawyer, he was subject to the whims of Hell. â€Å"Well,† said Hannibal. He looked down at me. â€Å"At least it’ll make this case more interesting. Sure, whatever. You want the nephilim as your lawyer?† I wanted to say no. Some part of me half hoped that if I refused and Roman never became my lawyer, he would be free of the retribution that awaited him afterward, that he could simply escape now. Except, as I glanced between him and Carter, a terrible certainty settled over me. It didn’t matter if Roman became my lawyer or not. He wasn’t getting out of here. It was reflected in Roman’s eyes as they met mine. When Carter had brought him here, it was a one-way trip. If I didn’t accept him as my lawyer, I was simply speeding Roman to his death. I nodded and felt my heart lurch as I sealed his fate. â€Å"Er, yes. Yes, your honor. I’d like him as my lawyer.† There was a murmur of disapproval throughout the courtroom. Carter slapped Roman encouragingly on the back and then went to find a seat in the gallery. Roman took the empty chair beside me. He was a sharp contrast to Marcel. Roman had no briefcase, not even a single piece of paper, and was still wearing the clothes he’d had on earlier: jeans and a sweater. â€Å"What are you doing?† I hissed to him, grateful for the cover of the other voices. â€Å"This is suicide!† â€Å"You didn’t really think I’d abandon you to them, did you?† he asked. â€Å"And who knows your case better than me?† â€Å"They’ll kill you when it’s over, whether I win or lose.† Roman gave me a lopsided smile. † ‘It is a far, far better thing that I do – ‘ â€Å" â€Å"Oh, shut the fuck up,† I said, afraid I was going to start crying. â€Å"You’re an idiot. You shouldn’t have come here.† â€Å"You remember our talk about purpose and meaning?† he asked me, the smile disappearing. â€Å"Well, I think this might be mine. I think this is what I was meant to do, Georgina.† â€Å"Roman – â€Å" But there was no time for any more conversation. Judge Hannibal was banging the gavel – this time, sans thunder – trying to calm everyone down. They were still worked up about the idea of a nephilim walking freely in their midst. â€Å"Enough, enough,† Hannibal said. â€Å"I know we’re all shocked and awed, but get over it. We’ll deal with him later. If there’s no more drama in store, do you mind if we get started?† He glanced between the lawyers. â€Å"I’m ready when you are, your honor,† said Marcel. Roman nodded. â€Å"Let’s do this.† How to cite Succubus Revealed Chapter 18, Essay examples

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Women and Revolution The Peoples War in Nepal

Quesion: From 1996-2006, civil war based on a Maoist uprising served to rupture the existing social order and recreate the political landscape in Nepal. This week we examine a conflict driven by ideology rather than religion, ethnicity or nationalism. We examine the participation of women in the Maoist revolution, the peace process and in the new social and political order following the end of the civil war in 2006. The participation of women in the conflict opens new questions such as can women truly be equal to men in militarized societies? what happens to power relations when the existing social and political order is upturned - do marginalized identities fare better or worse? and finally, what kind of justice can we envisage for a society that has experienced political revolution? Answer: Manchanda R, 'Maoist Insurgency In Nepal: Radicalizing Gendered Narratives' (2004) 16 Cultural Dynamics This article by Rita Manchanda explores the changes with regard to gender inequalities that have arisen as a result of the political challenges in the Maoist Revolution taking place in the country of Nepal. The article further explores the existing tension due to the presence of women folk in the Maoist Movement and the dominant male leaders who are too hesitant to discover the new intricacies of gender relations. Manchanda puts an effort to recognize how the revolutionary struggles witness the increasing mobilization of women in the armed forces and she also questions on how the translation may be conducted to incorporate a more gender specific program agenda.[1] The article provides data on the percentage of women in the in the heartland of the Maoists. It states that almost 30% of the Maoists are women.[2] Manchanda further argues on the vision of the Maoists in the revolutionary country of Nepal which opens opportunities for expressing the possible transformation in politics without any inconsistencies. Manchanda very elaborately examines the condition of women who are compelled to join the Maoists. Women guerilla happens to be extremely primary in the projection of this movement. The author further reflects the power of women in the Maoist movement with regard to the leverage facilities and the amount of space available to them.[3] The women who participated in the propaganda were exploited and they even further exploited the general people by spinning folklores about the well known women guerilla leaders such as Kamla Bhatta and Shanti Shrestha. They were depicted as self sacrificing and heroic in their deeds. The article reflects on the actual reason for the women folks in joining the Maoists movements. Thousands of women were trafficked, many were diagnosed with anemia and others were suffering from illiteracy, poverty, miscarriages and other unhygienic conditions. Even though women pay a very important in the agricultural industry in the country they are generally neglected in the feudal system. They do not receive any property from their parents even though it is the women who run the household. Further in case the men marry other women the previous wives have to leave the households. Hence it is evident that the women face a lot of injustice in the country that compels them to join the revolutionary armies. Manchanda also explores the issue of sexuality in the article and its relevance in the country. Generally it is the young girls who participate in the armies and who are widely discriminated.[4] This article primarily deals with the impact of the Maoist movement on the country and on the women folk in the country. It states how this impact is observed from the existing proposals of reforms which have been put forward by the government when the cease fire negotiations were taking place in 2003. The article has further explored the various questions with regard to the development of freedom, the accountability regarding the human rights abuse in the country and its relative impact on gender relations. References Manchanda R, 'Maoist Insurgency In Nepal: Radicalizing Gendered Narratives' (2004) 16 Cultural Dynamics Manchanda, Maoist Insurgency, 237 Manchanda, Maoist Insurgency, 238 Manchanda, Maoist Insurgency, 241 Manchanda, Maoist Insurgency, 250

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Financial Analysis of Samsung Essay Example

Financial Analysis of Samsung Paper Through financial analysis of Samsung, we can see that it is now in a strong financial position. As the data shows, Samsung has high amount of total assets and net sales Although its debt isnt in a very low level, its net income still keeps growing, reaching 10th. 8 billion dollars in 2009. Organizations in such a strong financial position can be more responsive to new opportunities and new threats. 3. 1. 1. 2 Technological resource Innovation is crucial to Samsung business. As new technologies are being constantly introduced to the speed is essential for remaining competitive in todays digital era. In case of that, Samsung RD centers are set up all over the world. The RD network spans six Samsung centers in Korea and 18 more in nine other countries, including the United States, the united Kingdom, Russia, Israel, India, Japan and China, as well as other research centers and universities. These centers are tasked with hiring top- notch local talent, investigating the latest local technology trends, and bringing to life those technologies that make the greatest benefits. 3. 1. 1. 3 Physical resource The component businesses of Samsung Electronics come together as Device Solutions. As a leading company in the global electronics industry, Samsung Electronics has one of the widest product ranges of key component businesses Memory, System LSI and LED, which compose essential parts of the companys well-balanced business portfolio. Samsung System LSI Business designs and manufactures a variety of large scale integrated circuit (LSI) products and System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions, as well as offering foundry services. In the SoC area, Samsung is a leader in the creation of application processor (AP) for mobile devices such as smartness and tablets. The We will write a custom essay sample on Financial Analysis of Samsung specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Financial Analysis of Samsung specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Financial Analysis of Samsung specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Foundry Business Team offers differentiated custom fabrication services utilizing advanced process technology, as well as a broad range of IP, UDF, and design services. Samsung leading LSI products include COSMOS image sensors (CICS), display driver ICC (DID), smart card ICC, microelectronic units (MAC) and near field communication (MFC) ICC. 3. 1. 2 Intangible resources 3. 1 . 2. 1 Human resource One of Samsung strongest assets is the team of talented researchers and engineers. More than a quarter of all Samsung employees-?42,OHO people-?work everyday in research and development. When employing people, Samsung puts his focus on employments of responsibility as it is the core value outlook of SEC. Samsung select people who have good morals and be innovated. Anyway, employees need to be fit with Samsung culture. Samsung not only puts his focus on the process of selecting employees, but also the process of training and educating employees. As statistics shows, Samsung costs about 63,000,000 dollars every year on the training of employees. In order to attract people with abilities and retain them, Samsung even programs an all-around incentive system and a scientific performance appraisal system. Those experts who have excellent performance even gain higher annual salary than top executives and managers. 3. 1. 2. 2 Reputation resource Samsung reputation is based on its corporate cultures we all know, its vision is to lead the digital convergence revolution growing to be the best and its mission is to become a best Digital-Company. Here, Means most efficient productive management. Furthermore, Samsung service conception is to keep strong contact with customers and make their best efforts to satisfy with customers. All these operating philosophies gain a lot of reputation for SEC. 3. 2. 3 Innovation resource To put the principles of Open Innovation into operation, Samsung adopts a multi-pronged approach that involves participation in global consortia, forging links between the industry and top universities, cooperation with vendors, and operation of successful overseas research centers. Samsung is committed to producing best-in-class research in the materials and technologies o f tomorrow. To foster a culture of ongoing results-oriented innovation, the organization provides attractive remuneration for research activities. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1 Participation in Global Consortium Samsung actively participate in multiple industry consortia at regular intervals. By synthesizing divergent viewpoints from multiple participants, consortia help achieve consensus on important issues, such as drawing up standards and guidelines, identifying potential technologies, and fostering a beneficial business ecosystem. Samsung is a key player in the agenda of 13 international consortia, such as SCHEMATA and MICE. By leveraging the advantages of participating in global consortia, Samsung is well poised to prepare cutting-edge technologies and next-generation infrastructure. . 1. 2. 3. Cooperation Between Industry and Academia Samsung has a long-term vision of developing a robust en;fork of next- generation technologies, infrastructure, and personnel. To achieve this, we create strategic alliances between the industry and top universities at home and abroad. We strengthen the industry-academia cooperation by promoting various activities, such as independent research in universi ties and sponsored training for students and employees in local and overseas universities. 3. 1. 2. 3. Synergy with Equipment and Materials Vendors Samsung cooperates with its equipment and materials vendors at home and broad. This cooperation makes it possible for us to better shape and control the manufacturing and quality processes of vendors, which leads to ultimately increasing the competitiveness of our products. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4 Operation of Overseas Research Centers Samsung has set up multiple research centers in various countries. These overseas R hubs perform valuable research in emerging materials and technologies in the spheres of hardware, software, and packaging. The centers also help Samsung establish a credible market and maidenhair presence in their respective countries. With the help of the overseas centers and their research excellence, Samsung is able to increase the volume of R operations, concentrate researching application-specific technologies, and finally, put the results of the overseas research projects to practical use. 3. 2 Capabilities 3. 2. Financial Samsung Electronics, the market value beyond Intel , reaching $ 110. 2 billion , compared with Intels $ 860 million higher than the market value , as the worlds largest semiconductor manufacturer revenue . Samsung Electronics , according to statistics released on the October 4th 2013 , in the third quarter ( July to September ) sales of 59 trillion won ( about 337 billion Yuan ) , operating profit amounted to 10. 1 trillion won ( about ARM 575 billion) , this value was even higher than the record 5. 98 percent in the second quarter. Thus , the profits of Samsung Electronics has been single-season record highs for two consecutive quarters. 3. 2. 2 Marketing Samsung has nearly 20 kinds of products in the global market share to get the first, ranking first in global enterprises. U. S. Market research firm Strategy Analytics recently released report, the second quarter of the global smart hone shipments grew 47% , reaching a record 229. 4 million , of which 76 million sales of Samsung Electronics , the market share expanded to 33. 1 % and Apples share was 13. 6%, phone sales in the second quarter of 31. 2 million . The data also show that the first half of this year, Samsung Electronics turnover of 1 10. 33 trillion won (U. S. $ 99. 3 billion ) , an increase of 19% ; operating profit of 18. 31 trillion won (U. S. $ 16. 5 billion ) , an increase of 51%. Samsung Electronics stakeholders also said that with the second half of the season will go into IT products , Samsung Electronics will continue to increase n the second half performance , parts department based on the competitiveness of high value-added products and specialty products , is also expected to bring more profits for the company . 3. 3 Core Competencies 3. 3. 1 Innovation Speaking of Samsung resplendence, almost every manager or ordinary employee will refer to the well-known remarks by Junk-He Lee, the chairman of Samsung Group, Except wife and children, all the things have to change. In 1 993, Junk;He Lee conducted the New Management program. Through continuous indoctrination of the consciousness of crisis and the concept hat only those who change can possibly survive, Samsung core business begun to change from mass imitation production to independent brand development based on digital technology. During its course to become a world-class company, Samsung has never stopp ed innovation and transformation. In 2001 in order to cope with the fast-changing information age, the program of Digital Management was carried out. In 2002, Samsung implemented the Wow Product System in order to maintain its leading position through the development Profit Operations Inbound Logistics Outbound Logistics Marketing and Sales Service Samsung type industrial ark use high-end technologies offer unique and thoughtful service work in marketing guiding principle Multinational company system all over the world set up strong marketing team and extensive marketing relationships massive and high quality skill training strong capability chances for personal development Administration HARM Technology Development Procurement of a series of high-tech. Innovation now has become part of Samsung spirit and culture and has become the driving force of Samsung firm and continuous transformation. 3. 3. 2 Triangle Management Structure Samsung Group creates a triangle management structure in the New Management program aiming at the integration of knowledge capital. In such a structure, CEO Junk-he Lee is at the vertex of a triangle. Another point is the structural adjustment department itself. The third triangle point is the Chief Executive Group. CEO at the vertex is in charge of guiding management direction and deploying strategic target, leading his workers struggling to create products. Structural adjustment department not only assists President to carry out the strategic decisions but also acts as the role of monitor in charge of regulating a few branches of the operation. Chief Executive Group is responsible for carrying out specific strategic plan regarding to how to develop the actual business activities. Triangle Management Structure increases Samsung market competitiveness, considered as Samsung management work milestone. Because of this structure,management responsibility is strengthened and management efficiency also improved. 3. 33 Human Resource program In order to be better in the 21st century, Samsung strengthens human resources management system, building up South Koreans biggest talent bribery to promote the operations sustainable development. Additionally, Samsung pursues the principle of people first, always believing that enterprise success lies in the quality of employees. Samsung divide technology into four terms: basic technology, advanced technology, core technology and future technology.

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Definition and Examples of Free Relative Clauses

Definition and Examples of Free Relative Clauses In English grammar, a free relative clause is a type of relative clause (that is, a word group beginning with a wh-word) that contains the antecedent within itself. Also called a nominal relative clause, a  fused relative construction, an independent relative clause,  or (in traditional grammar) a noun clause. A free relative can refer to people or things, and it can function as a subject, a complement, or an object.Examples and Observations Nobody knows it, because nobody knows what really happened.(Donald E. Westlake, The Hook. Mysterious Press, 2000)We want to make sure that what were doing is really what we ought to be doing.(General Abrams in Vietnam Chronicles: The Abrams Tapes, 1968-1972, ed. by Lewis Sorley. Texas Tech University Press, 2004)You can say what you please. I burnt my English books and I didnt get a degree. All Im saying now, if Im allowed, is that Willie should get a degree.   (V.S. Naipaul, Half a Life. Alfred A. Knopf, 2001)A man wearing the uniform of the Military Police had stepped into the unit and was just turning toward where she was standing.  (Michael Palmer, The Fifth Vial. St. Martins Press, 2007)Look, Cynthiayou have a perfect right to disapprove. You go ahead and think whatever you want. Even if you want to be angry, then you be angry.   (Philip Roth, Letting Go. Random House, 1962)The way I hear it you can really put it away.Whoever told you that is a liar. Bledsoe straightened a way from the rail, started toward the barn.  (Michael Joens, Blood Reins. Thomas Dunne Books, 2005) Antecedents in Free Relative Clauses The relative word in the nominal relative clause has no antecedent since the antecedent is fused with the relative: I found what (that which; the thing that) you were looking for; He says whatever (anything that) he likes. Because they are free of antecedents, such clauses are sometimes called independent or free relative clauses.  (Tom McArthur, Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language. Oxford University Press, 2005) A Headless Relative A relative clause which apparently lacks a head is called a free relative clause, also sometimes called a headless relative (though some argue that the head is present syntactically but phonologically empty, and hence that this is a misleading term).  (R.E. Asher and ‎J.M.Y. Simpson, The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Pergamon Press, 1994) Characteristics of Free Relative Clauses [The] free relative clauses . . . [are] italicised in: (117a) What you say is true(117b) I will go where you go(117c) I dont like how he behaved toward her They are characterised by the fact that the wh-pronoun what/where/how appears to be antecedentless, in that it doesnt refer back to any other constituent in the sentence. Moreover, the set of relative pronouns found in free relative clauses is slightly different from that found in restrictives or appositives: e.g. what and how can serve as free relative pronouns, but not as appositive or restrictive pronouns; and conversely, which can serve as a restrictive or appositive relative pronoun but not as a free relative pronoun.  (Andrew Radford, Analysing English Sentences: A Minimalist Approach. Cambridge University Press, 2009) Two Types of Free Relative Clauses: Definite and Indefinite The first type of free relative clause, the definite free relative clause, is introduced by a wh- word such as what, where, or when, as shown in (64). (64) Mark eats what he orders. . . . [V]erbs that are followed by definite free relatives beginning with what must be capable of being followed by nonhuman NPs. What Jim chose in (65a), a free relative, passes this test, as shown by (65b). (65a) Sally ordered what Jim chose.(65b) Sally ordered a hamburger/coffee/a piece of pie. Another test for definite free relatives is substituting that (thing) which for what, as shown in (66). (66) Sally ordered that (thing) which Jim chose. . . . The second type of free relative clause is an indefinite free relative clause, also called a conditional free relative clause because the words that introduce the clause (who(m)ever, whatever, whichever, whenever, and however) can be paraphrased with if, as show by (68a) and (68b), or regardless of, as shown by (68c) and (68d). (68a) Joan dances with whoever asks her to dance.(68b) If someone asks Joan to dance with him, she dances with him.(68c) Fred eats whatever Alice offers him.(68d) Regardless of whatever Alice offers Fred, he eats it. (Ron Cowan, The Teachers Grammar of English: A Course Book and Reference Guide. Cambridge University Press, 2008)

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Goods and Services Tax (GST) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Goods and Services Tax (GST) - Essay Example The present research has identified that goods and services tax (GST) is said to be indirect and broad-based because it is charged depending on the supply or activities of good and services instead of being charged directly on income. Also, these charges are applied generally to all taxpayers with a few limitations. Taxation under GST is applied to the goods and services that are used by consumers, meaning that, this system is a consumption taxation system. A step process is used in the collection of taxes under GST, to make sure that tax is levied at every stage of the production chain, and also to allow suppliers of goods and services who are registered to claim the credit on tax paid to their inputs. Although the tax is charged at every stage, the tax is paid finally by the consumer at the end spot. For a firm to be able to take credit on GST, they must be registered. Thus, if they do not apply to be registered under GST, they are treated as the end consumers and can only enjoy th e GST credit they incur. GST is classified into three types of supplies namely; taxable supplies, input tax supplies, and GST free supplies. GST liability is created out of supply, but it is not created by the GST registered entity. The rules of GST do not apply if the supplies of either goods or services came to force before 1st July 2000, and in accordance to set special rules, gifts, when supply is made by entities not registered, or which are not required to register and when the transactions involved are not connected to Australia. In order to register Tiles Pty Ltd under GST system, the management needs to ensure that the firm satisfies the following requirements as stipulated under chapter 2, part 2-5 division 23 of the act. The main importance of registration is due to the following: - GST is only payable on any supplies for registered entities only Credits for input tax cannot be claimed unless the entity is registered GST returns are only lodged for registered entities Und er the goods and services act, an entity structure may include an individual, a sole corporate, a corporation body, a political body, a partnership, a trust and an unincorporated association or body of persons. Tiles Galore Pty Ltd is a small sized corporation, meaning that, it falls under an entity structure required to be registered. Thus, the firm can apply to be registered by ATO for GST. Registration requirements are in sec 23-5; it states that an entity is registered It is an enterprise Annual turnover meets the threshold for registration turnover The term entity is broad in definition and includes various legal persons as described here below; The trustee is that entity that should register for GST and ABN The partnerships are those entities that should register for GST but not for individual partners It thus entails that under section 23-10, an entity cannot be registered if it does not carry or intend to carry on with an enterprise. It is optional for that entity to registe r if it carries on an enterprise but does not meet the threshold for registration. Supplies fall under various sections namely; taxable supplies, GST free supplies, and input taxed supplies. Other kinds are importations and those that fall outside the scope of the GST. Taxable supplies are determinant factors in ruling whether a certain transaction is worth falling under GST.